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Doors can be a dynamic and defining element throughout the home, and only Masonite backs you with the complete offering that helps you deliver on their full potential.  No one matches our comprehensive selection of both exterior and interior choices, giving you access to the styles, finishes and details to tailor a complementary look that flows seamlessly from room to room.

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Masonite's recessed 3-Panel exterior door combines crisp, clean lines inspired by classic craftsman architecture with the proven durability of fiberglass.  Select an opaque application for added privacy, or choose from our Heartland.  Craftsman decorative glass collection to flood your entryway with natural light.

Our grid offerings complement clear glass designs with a comprehensive array of design choices to truly customize your VistaGrande door.

Imagine a blind you don't have to dust or clean.  Our blinds are built into efficient sealed units protected with tempered glass.  A single touch easily opens and closes blinds for privacy and light exposure.

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Masonite Design Brochure

2018 Design and Inspiration Brochure

Find design inspiration in this year's styles.  Look over the Masonite product guide to find the door that best fits your next project.


2018 Exterior Doors Catalog

Exterior doors add a pleasant beauty to any home.  They can add curb appeal and help increase home value.  Masonite has an extensive offering of stylish, secure, and inviting exterior doors that are perfect for nearly any project.

Masonite Exterior Doors Brochure
Masonite Exterior Selection Guide Brochure

2018 Exterior Selection Guide

This is a reorganization of the Masonite exterior door collections.


2018 Interior Doors Catalog

Interior doors can add a style to any home.  Often times small touches like this can help to make a home feel more inviting and warm.  Guests often notice small details in architecture and design.  Let Masonite show you how you can add more design to the inside of your home.

Masonite Interior Doors Brochure
Masonite Modern Doors Brochure

Modern Doors Brochure

Masonite has grouped together their modern doors into a brochure to help individuals who know specifically what style they want.


AvantGuard Brochure

The AvantGuard brand carries a more luxurious and stylish finish to the door.  The beauty of the natural wood blends seamlessly with the durability of fiberglass to create a luxurious look and feel, while having strength and durability offered by modern materials.

Masonite AvantGuard Doors Brochure
Masonite VistaGrande Doors Brochure

VistaGrande Brochure

As the name suggests, VistaGrande is a line that focuses on opening up to the outdoor space as much as possible.  For homes that have tremendous views, or would like to open up their space to more of


Whole-Home Solutions Pocket Guide

Choosing quality windows and doors for your home is one of the best investments you can make.

Masonite Whole Home Brochure
Masonite Visual Impact Brochure

Visual Impact Brochure

Choosing quality windows and doors for your home is one of the best investments you can make.


2018 Trend Report

Choosing quality windows and doors for your home is one of the best investments you can make.

Masonite Trend Report Brochure
Masonite Wood Doors Brochure

2018 Wood Catalog

Choosing quality windows and doors for your home is one of the best investments you can make.

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