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Fine Wood And Urethane Mouldings

EL & EL mouldings are available in a wide variety of species including Solid and FJ Pine, Ultralight and Standard MDF, Fir, Redwood, Oak, Poplar, Cherry, Maple, Mahogany, Alder and Resin. In addition to our variety of species, we carry specialty mouldings from White River's collections of Ornamentally Embossed, Mon Reale® and Handcarved Friezes.


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Accessories add to the architechtural sophistication of any room, as well as to your individual sense of style.  With so many custom choices you can shape and mold to fit any architechtural challenge.  Get creative with ValuFlex flexible mouldings that match and mimic the grain of your chosen species.  Rosettes and plinth blocks add unforgettable detail and custom dimension, greater than casing and base alone.

Composite frames and components offer an alternative choice to traditional wood door frames.  Moisture, rot and insect resistant, this unique exterior door jamb and compenents will not absorbe or wick moisture and never warp or splinter.

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El & El Moulding Collection
El & El

Moulding Collection

The entire moulding collection that is offered by El & El.  This complete compendium offers everything from moulding, to windows and doors to, custom columns and everything trim.

Pocket Books

El & El 2018 Black Book of Moulding
El & El 2018

Black Book of Moulding

This little black book is your own pocket guidebook to mouldings — all the details you need in one place to ensure that every job you do is better than the last.

Tri-fold Brochure

El & El Wood Products

MDF Mouldings Brochure

Ultralight MDF, identified as MUL, is an ultra lightweight density fiberboard imported from Chile, and are produced from sustainable forestry management. MUL is not harvested from natural forests, nor does its fiber come from genetically modified or old-growth trees. The wood fibers, combined with resin, produce a product weighing similar to pine. While typical MDF mouldings are much heavier in weight and, when installed, can pucker around nails, MUL mouldings nail more like pine mouldings. The combination of lighter weight and better nailing makes MUL mouldings an ideal choice.

El & El Wood Products

Fypon Brochure

A urethane-based adhesive such as Loctite PL Premium Construction Adhesive must be used on all joints when installing urethane products. This will minimize the effects of expansion and contraction on the product.

El & El Wood Products

Bodyguard Brochure

Bodyguard was offered as a viable alternative to hardwood using softwood species and became the first durable pine option presented to the market, backed by a 30-year limited product warranty. The interest and acceptance for this real wood product has certainly proved that the market exists and is excited by this new wood option and product offer

El & El Wood Products

Majestic Mantels Brochure

These easy DIY kits contain all the necessary hardware, so you can easily assemble your complete mantel setup in a single afternoon. Available in both Wellington Style (detailed) and Springfield Style (plain), these kits are ready for finishing and are super simple to assemble for use on just about any standard firebox opening. Each of the kits have been specially designed to compliment your Majestic Mantels Shelf, and at the same time, remain easy to install and bring that completely finished look for your home.

El & El Wood Products

Prefinish Trifold Brochure

We have the ability to make any door unit or entry system the "talk of the block." Our signature proprietary finish is beautiful, stylish, and durable with eight beautiful stain colors and ten rich paint colors to choose from. This patent-pending finish gives you an authentic real wood texture without all the real wood maintenance. Our shop uses the best materials and technology to ensure that the color is consistent and even — today, tomorrow, and for years to come. Prefinish orders of any quantity are welcome, whether it's one door at a time or large volume commercial projects. Our specialty is fiberglass doors, and door units with sidelites. We provide our customers with a complete door entry unit finished with color matched interior and exterior moulding included for installation.

El & El Wood Products

ValuFlex Trifold Brochure

ValuFlex is sold in straight and pre-formed pieces. Straight pieces are used for standard base, chair rail and jamb applications. Casing, crown and built-up applications require pre-formed pieces. Pre-formed pieces are achieved by providing precise measurements, radius or a template. Pre-formed pieces only have a variance of approx. 1" to 2", hence the importance of precise information. Curved crown applications, by far the most diverse, require a few simple rules of thumb (see “Calculating Radiussed Moulding” below) to easily accomplish a perfect fit without stressing the material. A built-up is several pieces of mouldings put together, making a more dramatic application.

El & El Wood Products

Pine Trifold Brochure

Benefits of using ValuFlex Pine Products:

Superior Lead-Time
Match Any Profile
Incredible Detail
Tear Resistant
Minimal Shrinkage
Limited 5 Year Warranty
Paints & Stains Beautifully
Custom Profiles Available
Manufactured On Our Premises

El & El Wood Products

Hardwood Trifold Brochure

Matching Flexible Moulding is available for Arched and Oval Windows & Curved Walls and Ceilings. All the advantages of radiused wood at a fraction of the cost.

El & El Wood Products

Barn Door Hardware Brochure

Get the Modern/ Rustic look and the quality that you’ve come to expect from EL & EL Wood Products. A solid, serious solution to complete your dream home. Each barn door is built with authentic stile and rail construction by hand. Our barn doors are built solid and authentic, putting them in a league of their own.

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